Developing children’s interests and abilities

Our pre-kindergarten program teaches children to think for themselves and act independently. They will have numerous and opportunities to choose activities, try new things, and master skills necessary for their success in Kindergarten. They also have the chance to develop friendships and their ability to collaborate in a community.

This program is for children who turn four by September 1st of the year entering Pre-Kindergarten. The program in Room 1 has enjoyed a unique partnership with the Prince George’s County Public School System through a Pre-k Development Grant from the Maryland State Department of Education. In addition to the same parameters as the preschool program, this classroom will enjoy going on (virtual) field trips and taking home Lending Library Books for a parent to read to their child. Special programs such as drama and literacy with Wolf Trap Early Learning Through the Arts, InterAct Story Theater as well as Spanish. The Connect 4 Learning Curriculum is used in addition to other supplements, such as a classroom subscription to “Let’s Find Out Pre-k Edition” by Scholastic. Children in this program use a Management Board to plan their daily work in the classroom learning centers. Two GCC Pre-K Teachers and a full-time public school teacher from Prince George’s County Public School, work together to provide a print-rich and nurturing environment. The class was featured in a story by USA Today in 2007. For information on enrollment and registration, please visit our Registration page. Enrollment for our public Pre-k begins in April each year. Income-eligible families receive subsidy funds covering part of the day and families pay for the wraparound to accommodate working parents’ schedules and include days that PGCPS is closed but GCC is open. Parents must complete the Scribbles Application process at and must enroll fully with Greenbelt Elementary School, to attend Public Pre-K at GCC. That process must be completed before a child may attend in Room 1, during the school year. Income eligible families will have part of the day subsidized by grant funds. The Registrar at Greenbelt Elementary handles PGCPS Enrollment and keeps PGCPS records for each child in our public program. Parents must also complete all registration requirements for GCC at the same time, to be enrolled in this special program. To reach the Greenbelt Elementary Registrar: 301-513-5911 or

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