Cultivating holistic growth in young children

Preschool education is widely acknowledged to benefit children all over the world. Educating them during their early years of brain development helps them succeed in school and life.

At Greenbelt Children’s Center, children are nurtured in a welcoming environment where their social-personal skills and individualized learning are given priority. Our teachers plan for various experiences in all areas of development, including language and literacy, mathematical thinking, scientific thinking, social studies, physical development, personal social skills, and the arts. Children’s development in each area is assessed throughout the year using the Maryland State Department of Education Early Learning Assessment (ELA).

Lesson plans are posted every week to encourage communication with parents and include you on the scheduled academic activities. Every indoor and outdoor activity is intentionally planned, developmentally appropriate and is under a teacher’s direct supervision. There is one teacher for every six children in Classroom 2 and one teacher for every ten children in Classrooms 1 and 3.

Lending Library Goal: 10 Books Per month
Children choose books from the lending library, sign them out for their parents to read to the child at home, and then bring them back, so new ones can be sent home.

Assessment and Developmental Screenings
The Early Learning Assessment and the ASQ-3 are used for child development assessment, and parent-teacher conferences are provided twice a year.

Special Programs
Your preschooler will also take part in free extracurricular activities like Spanish language classes, a an Artist in Residency program with Wolftrap Early Learning through the Arts and Inter Act Story Theater.

Meals and Snacks
Breakfast and afternoon snacks are provided by GCC , as well as milk at lunchtime; parents are expected to send prepared packed lunches for their kids in a lunch box, using a thermos to keep things hot or an ice pack to keep things cold. Please don’t pack drinks, GCC provides milk, 100% juices and water is on the table for every meal and snack and when children play outdoors. Please save your money. We will not serve any beverage that is not 100% juice, even if sent from home, it will be returned.

NO NUT Environment
Please do not send in any foods or beverages that contain nuts or peanut butter. GCC is a No Nut Program to protect the children who have severe allergies. Sunflower Seed Butter is a safe Alternative to peanut butter but must be labeled as such to be able to serve it to your child at GCC.

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